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LUI' AND THE ART OF GOING TO THE WOODS, HOPEFULMONSTER € 15.00 In stock: 5 The book is the new edition of the tale published in 1996: with a new format and a new layout, it has been rivisited completely. The story tells of a teacher, Miss Pizzi, who took the children of the Terza C class in the Kingdom of Silence - a wood at the border of the city - and lost everybody there. Then the journalists, soldiers and policemen came, but nor them and nor the town mayor could make the children come back from the Silent Wood. Luì, a crazy child who stands for hours under the rain and listens to the leaves speaking, will solve the situation going into the wood simply armed of his imagination, catching shapes and colours and the armony that they produce in Art, a music that shed into the hole wood and made the children follow it and get out of the Silent labyrinth. The words by Guido Quarzo let the children live landscapes of sounds, shapes and colours, suggested by the works by Luigi Mainolfi, things that would like to become nature in spite of adverse temptations.