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GAIA DOUBLE NECKLACE, PROGETTOC73 € 67.00 In stock: 1 The architect discovers herself as an artisan.
Progetto C73 was born in this way, a workshop of ideas and passions that produces accessories using anything from precious fabric, hand-interlaced with care and patience, to the sparkle of sequin, from the refinemente of the mother-of-pearl to the extravagance of the plastic elements.
To dress and dress oneself in threads.
Fron the season collections to the ‚??unique pieces‚?Ě, the bijoux created by Carola Pasquino give new importance to materials, dress with elegance and simplicity, and offer those who wear them a moment of creative joy.
Carola and her project are the creatures of a land that boasts excellence in the precious fabric sector.
Laboratory, ideas, passions and raw materials have a strong and proud territorial identification.