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PLATE "ARTE AL CENTRO DI UNA TRASFORMAZIONE SOCIALE RESPONSABILE", ATAL € 25.00 In stock: 1 The table is a place for meeting, communicating and socialising, so why not stimulate interpersonal relationships at the table with Michelangelo Pistoletto's mottos written on each Cittadellarte plate? They offer different and original ideas for conversation, at the same time spreading the messages that Cittadellarte considers the basis of its research and activity. The time spent at the table offers privileged and direct access to the social dimension of the individual, and the mottos become a sort of "21st century secular prayer".
The image that characterises the former mill, now Cittadellarte, is that of the arched window, recognisable even at a distance. It is presented as the architectural element that represents the entire structure, with the implicit meaning that the arch, perceived as a door, symbolises.
These openings, typical of the industrial buildings throughout the Biella area, had the practical function of providing the ventilation necessary for the fabrics to dry.
The plate shows the sequence of arches and the sentence "let's talk at the table" above the mottos, to stimulate conversation.
The mottos are:
- Eliminare le distanze mantenendo le differenze
- Amare le differenze
- Accarezzare gli alberi
- Io sono l'altro
- Artista sponsor del pensiero
- Ogni prodotto assume responsabilità sociale
- Creare è umano
- Arte al centro di una trasformazione sociale responsabile