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WOMEN'S SCARF SILK - SAMAI PROJECT, SOPRALEIDEE € 60.00 In stock: 7 "SAIMAI" means "silk thread" in Laotian, but it can be read as a challenge (it's the Italian for "you never know...") to contribute to the global development of the individual, of the community and of the environment in an eco-conscious way.
Paola Galfione collaborates personally with some rural communities in the poorest areas of Laos teaching and working with the women to create lines in silk, paper and cotton with carving and embroidery. Among the areas of development already operational the TEXTILE sector has already been launched with the aim of reclaiming and giving value to the production of silk, ensuring a bigger economic power for the women involved in the process and a close monitoring of the income. Part of the proceeds goes to the woman worker, part goes into a solidarity found, managed by the village counsel, to be used to guarantee assistance to women giving birth and health care for women and their families.
The designed Paola Galfione Barozzo, vicepresident of the charity, has created three collection in collaboration with Laotian women.